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Re: Weekend thoughts

Jay Bloodworth writes:

 > Okay.  This is not the most well organized email I've written, so let me
 > summarize: Cross platform.  Python.  Rapid development.  Input from school
 > users.  Takers?

Cross-platform seems to be a good design principle.  But aren't school
users all hacking Scheme these days?  (Cue language wars... :)

Besides implementation strategy (which I mostly agree with), what
concrete project are you proposing?  Are you working on a project now
that might be adapted for educational use?

ObCode: Anyone interested in adapting the (GPLed) digital circuit
simulator I'm working on for teaching purposes, please look at the code
and let me know how I can help.


In writing this code, I am also a student, and welcome critique.  If
THUD is not useful for teaching purposes, how can it be made so?