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Re: Weekend thoughts

> It appears that those of us who have actual code in development aren't
> ready at this time to open it for outside development.  This is entirely
> fine and appropriate; folks, if you're developing anything based on what
> we're discussing here please let us know how you're progressing and if
> anything we're proposing or planning will cause difficulties with what
> you're doing.

well, i'm a constantly busy person, but i usually get work done on the
weekends and some times during the week. of course, anyone is free to
look at my code at http://mike911.clark.net/~gnomecvs/ - not that there
really is that much at this point. i'm probably going to place it under
the artistic license until it gets further along. i'll put in gnomecvs
soon, as well. 

> This got me to thinking that perhaps our joint efforts should be
> initially directed towards developing the "back end" engines that
> collect, process, and store the data rather than towards the user
> interfaces to those engines.  That way, someone running KDE could
> collect and input the data, which could then be used by someone else
> running GNOME or GNUstep to compile progress reports, etc.  If we do
> this properly we could include clients for all environments in our
> package as they get developed, and those clients could be fairly easily
> done by one or two people working on whatever they found most
> interesting.

the new gbook code is structered this way, and very cleanly at that.
i'll do the gnome fe. the rest is left for everyone else. 

two more things:
1) doug: can you code c?
2) i have about 6-7 c programmers at my disposal
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