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Re: Weekend thoughts

Justin Maurer wrote:
> > This got me to thinking that perhaps our joint efforts should be
> > initially directed towards developing the "back end" engines that
> > collect, process, and store the data rather than towards the user
> > interfaces to those engines.
> the new gbook code is structered this way, and very cleanly at that.
> i'll do the gnome fe. the rest is left for everyone else.
> two more things:
> 1) doug: can you code c?
> 2) i have about 6-7 c programmers at my disposal
That sounds like what I had in mind; that we jointly develop the
standard backend stuff against which new frontend programs can be

Justin, you don't want me to code C, trust me.  If I could find the time
to bone up on it I might be able to become a competent (probably
pedestrian) C programmer, but that time is in noticeably short supply
these days.  I can usually follow the program flow through C source, and
occasionally hack someone else's code mildly to do something slightly
different that I want to do, but that's about it.  If you have those
other C programmers available to you I recommend that you approach them
rather than me.  If you're offering to urge them to help us develop the
backend stuff I've been talking about, that'd be great.  Just wait till
we get the specification that Bob mentioned and that I'll be talking
about in my next message done.

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