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Re: Weekend thoughts

Doug writes:
>There is a question of what those of us who don't currently have code in
>development, or who don't feel capable of coding, should do.  I think
>it's important that we start getting something concrete developed, as
>having a base to work from tends to distill the discussion from vague
>philosophical thoughts to more precise ideas intended to further

Jay writes:
>Therefore creating a product that meets
>the needs of the customers become more challenging and suggest the need
>for longer planning with input from school staff. 

thi writes:
In writing this code, I am also a student, and welcome critique.  If
THUD is not useful for teaching purposes, how can it be made so?

Doug, I agree with you but I would change the words 'vague philosophical
thoughts' to 'important pieces of information'. Jay, I agree with you, and
thi, I agree with you. So what do we do. Here's my suggestion. We need to
write out a specification of what we are planning to do. Show it to the world
by putting it on the web site and announcing it. To me this is showing code in
the Bazaar sense. One problem is how do we contact the customer, the school
staff? Related to this is how do we find someone to work with thi? To end on a
positive note, yesterday there was a notice about starting a Linux user group
nearby. Tonight there is a notice that 11 people have already responded. In my
response, I said I was interested only if they really wanted to do something
for Linux. I'm sure you know what I've got in mind. We need to have volunteer
work available for everyone.