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Logo style program in 3D

Hello Folks,

I am new to the mailing list. In my free time I am the Editor-in-Chief of
the magazine LinuxFocus. 

I join this mailing list to listen to the activities being developed. Just
in case, I added an announcement to our magazine about your mailing list
(http://www.linuxfocus.org/English/), hopefully this will bring more
interested parties.

At this moment I would like to let people know I am brainstorming the
of a 3D Logo programming server. LOGO is that old lenguage for automation we
used to play years back, usually with an interface of a turtle moving around
drawing 2D
pictures. The program I want to make wont be a LOGO interpreter per se, it
will have
some machinery on a 3D world (perhaps a truck) that can be displaced using
commands from the shell or from a script. Also in the 3D world I plan to put
to encourage activities like building towers, etc... of course using simple
forms (LEGO style objects) so that kids can play with it easily. 

In principle I thoough of this project as part of my on going OpenGL
tutorial on 
LinuxFocus and also as a game, linux game, for my daughter. The source code
will be 
GNU-available to people trough our magazine. Right now I am still thinking
on the
desing of the game itself; my daugther is almost 6 and very clever,
moving around in a 3D world is a very hard thing even to adults and I am not
on wether to forget about LOGO and instead use the mouse for movements....
any suggestions?