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Re: Weekend thoughts

> I've contacted a few
> of the local school districts where I live (and encourage all of you to
> do the same) and have had at least some of them be very interested.  


Do you have any pointers on what works best when contacting school
districts?  Especially those entrenched by M$ hyperbole and deceit?

FWIW, I was directed to the SEUL site after posting a message on the
North Texas LUG mailing list looking for other folks interested in
getting Linux into our schools.  Response was lukewarm (considering the
size of the ML), but there were a few takers.

I recognize the fact that the great paucity of educational software for
the Linux platform is probably one of the biggest obstacles to getting
Linux in our schools.  To this end, I'd be willing to help in whatever
way possible and wherever needed (time permitting, of course).  I did
see the list of projects on the SEUL website, but I couldn't infer any
sort of priority among the projects.  

By way of background, I'm proficient in C++, Perl, and pTk, passable in
C, and a newbie with Tcl.  Very comfortable with Linux, although I
haven't hacked any kernel code yet :)