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RE: Logo style program in 3D

> Using the mouse for movement (this will be an X-based program, I take
> it) is probably a requirement for young children to move around in the
> 3D world without frustrating themselves too badly.  I 

Yes it is an X based application. Furthermore, I have in mind in a second
phase of the project to program it as a server, so that multiple kids can
play together on the same virtual world performing team work tasks. This is
a bit more complex, not due to the server requirements but due to the need
locking mechanisms on the 3D objects around (two people can't grab the same
object at the same time). I haven't done this server type activity before 
so it will be a sort of experimentation.

> wouldn't drop the
> LOGO, though, as this would allow them to automate various routines
> fairly easily.  They could then learn the rudiments of
> programming--program flow, data structures, etc.--and be able 
> to create
> their own little "robots" (turtle-shaped?) to execute their routines. 

Sounds reasonable. So implement a both mouse guided and command line guided 

> If your program could be put in "learn" mode it might be able to
> generate LOGO code from the mouse activities the child uses, allowing
> him or her to replay certain activities.

Sounds also feasible ... I will write it down.

> Do those sound like the kind of suggestions you were looking for?

Yes. I still have to make a few graphical designs to come up with a
simple "world" where kids can actually perform activities...
The machinery has to be simple to use.

I will keep in touch

Miguel Angel