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RE: Logo style program in 3D

> Rather than move directly through the world, perhaps action primitives
> could be presented as building blocks (locally).  The player assembles
> more complicated algorithms in a graphical way then presses 
> "go" for the
> turtle to start.  "Primitives" could be relatively complex, 
> things like:
> - wander around
> - meeting another turtle?	<-- predicate
> - move in a specific way
> - pick up / drop stuff
> - exchange ideas (algorithms)
> - chat				<-- social interaction

Well that is pretty much how LOGO works...

> An overarching goal of the game could be to cooperate w/ 
> another turtle
> to solve a problem, after which a different challenge or 
> scenario would
> be formulated.  Definitely avoid trigger-action stuff (since 
> global TCP
> latency would make it suck, and the genre is already covered 
> by numerous
> instances).

What do you mean by trigger-action stuff?