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XML links

Since we seem pretty much for using XML as our data storage language, i
thought it would be a good idea to read up on it.  Although I haven't
gone through everything here yet, these three sites seem as though they
have some useful info:

XML Links   <http://www.cs.caltech.edu/~adam/local/xml.html>
The Casbah Project  <http://www.ntlug.org/casbah/>
xmltp.org  <http://www.xmltp.org>

I was also looking for some XML parsers that we might be able to use (no
sense in reinventing the wheel).  Most of what I found are written in
Java, although there were a couple in Tcl.  I found reference to one in
C++, but on closer inspection it appears to have only been compiled
under Windows, at least at this point.  I think most of what I saw has
links on the XML Links page listed above.

It seems to me that defining the XML DTD, the data store, transport
mechanism, and XML parser are the major parts of getting this system
specified.  Am I missing anything?  It also seems that this system, if
completely XML based, will inherently be cross-platform.  This is a good
thing, but it doesn't seem like it particularly furthers our goal
(assumption: this _is_ our goal) of getting Linux onto the faculty and
student desktops in the schools.  If we provide this system with a
complete set of Linux frontends to the data, along with complete APIs to
the backends for anyone wanting to write equivalent frontends for other
OSs, my observation is moot.  That's where I think we should be going.

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