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Re: A bit about me....

Andy Henson wrote:
> I am very new to Linux, however, and would
> appreciate advice and comments on what there is available out there
> (hardware & software,etc) that would assist me in this task.
> suitable interfaces

I'm not sure what you're asking here.  KDE and GNOME are desktop
environments designed to give consistent 'Look and Feel' to the programs
running under them.  There are a potfull of window managers, which
control things like scroll bars and menus (I like WindowMaker,
personally).  If you want something specifically for educational use,
our own Micah Yoder is working on an educational launchpad (edulp) which
you can find out more about in our email archives.

> office applications (WP,spreadsheets,database, graphics)

Lots.  ApplixWare, Star Office, WordPerfect, Lyx, Wingz, MySQL, loads


I'll defer to someone with actual knowledge.

> music software

LilyPond for musical notation; otherwise, I'll defer again.

> art (photoshop alikes)

The GIMP, and GYVE, which cover the functionality (roughly) of PhotoShop
and CorelDraw, respectively.

> dtp

Xclamation, from Axene corporation.

> maths (anything that would make maths less boring!)

Nothing that I know of for the lower grades, although there are programs
for linear algebra, statistics, etc.  Look at
<http://sal.kachinatech.com> for more on those.
> pretty much anything that would enhance learning in any area of the
> curriculum

Very little--that's what we're here for.

> admin software - registration,testing,pupil records,etc.

Developing this is shaping up to be our first big project.

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