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Re: [seul-edu] thin clients using Linux in the classroom?

--- Tobias Verbeke <tobias_verbeke@skynet.be> wrote:
They are using a product called citrix http://www.citrix.com/. ...But
the Citrix site says it'll run on Unix  as well. ... Anyone heard of
a linux server for thin clients in the Open Source world? thanks

> L.S.,
> Please have a look at www.k12ltsp.org. I think it's exactly what
you're looking for : it's meant for schools. Anyway, it's based on
the more general lstp (cf. www.ltsp.org). Another thin client server
is PXES linux thin client (cf. pxes.sourceforge.org).
> Vale,
Citrix bandwidth is reportedly much lower than Xterminal, such as for
remote applications over dial-up to "digital divide" students at home
on slow computers excessed from the school, running only the Citrix
free client off a floppy.  Citrix server is also available for
Solaris, which may be able to run some Linus apps. For discussion of
X (including LBX - low bandwidth X) versus Citrix see: 

However, Citrix is less flexible than Xterminal - only run apps on
the server, compared to either server or client with X. Citrix can be
expensive(watch licensing terms for server and apps), and hard to set
up.  Inside a school building, with today's high speed LANs,
bandwidth may be less important. Also check out multi-OS linking VNC
3.3.4 -- 
http://www.realvnc.com/pipermail/vnc-announce/2002/000037.html  --

  * vastly improved low-bandwidth performance
  * automatic protocol selection based on line speed
  * efficient multi-viewer ("classroom") support on the Windows

With K12LTSP you could run the Citrix client no Linux on very cheap
(excessed PC) terminals to get to your Citrix server apps running on
Solaris or Windows, if you really want to. Don't have time or money
for license watching - run k12LTSP and Linux apps.

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