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Re: [seul-edu] thin clients using Linux in the classroom?

On Tuesday 05 November 2002 02:31 am, Phil Collins wrote:
> Citrix bandwidth is reportedly much lower than Xterminal, such as for
> remote applications over dial-up to "digital divide" students at home
> on slow computers excessed from the school, running only the Citrix
> free client off a floppy.

Hopefully, remote clients would be compressing their connections anyway.

> Citrix server is also available for Solaris, which may be able to run
> some Linus apps.

Eh? What would a Citrix server have to offer any Unix system?

> Also check out multi-OS linking VNC 3.3.4

You can do this for multiple users/sessions with a virtual X server on any 
Unix. However, it makes more sense to just use X, either compressed (add -C 
to your ssh command) or LBX.

> With K12LTSP you could run the Citrix client no Linux on very cheap
> (excessed PC) terminals to get to your Citrix server apps running on
> Solaris or Windows, if you really want to. Don't have time or money
> for license watching - run k12LTSP and Linux apps.

On the topic of licence-watching, rdesktop (the RDP client) has a command-line 
option to tell the server `I already have a licence, thanks'.

Cheers; Leon