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[seul-edu] Questions (fwd)

This just came in to the info@schoolforge.net account.  Mmm, 
Minnesota in March.  Anyone up for doing this conference?  If so, 
contact Michael and also let the rest of us know that you're doing 
it.  We'll all be glad to offer suggestions, I'm sure.

Doug Loss

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Date: 2002-11-13 13:28:43 -0600
 From: Michael Schroeder <mschroeder@erdc.k12.mn.us>
Subject: Questions

We are an organization representing a consortium of 75+ school 
districts in
Minnesota.  We provide technology services and support to these 
Two questions:

1)  How much is membership (for a school district and for our 

2)  We have a business conference in early March and we are 
interested in
having a session on this very topic.  Are there speakers available 
for this
type of a conference to present information on this effort to our 

Michael Schroeder
Manager of Technology Services
(320) 202 - 0992 ext. 260