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Re: [seul-edu] quiz apps



That gives at least 31 hits. Some of these are web based, others are
desktop based.

Also, one that I have been working on: Edventure
(http://dangermouse.brynmawr.edu/edventure/docs/) is much more than
a system to give quizzes, but could be used just for that. It:

- is written in PHP
- has support for postgresql, mysql (etc) backend
- is password protected (NIS, or internal system)
- is GNU GPL protected
- has gradebook, assignments, upload/download documents, quiz etc
- can send email, chat (through Babylon java applet), etc.

The quiz part has:

- explanations, when wrong
- points/score
- difficulty level
- topic/subtopic
- automatic versioning
- pie-chart summary of answers per question
- instant feedback, or summary score

It also has an XML synch/export option

It is aimed at being a replacement for things like Blackboard or
WebCT, but it is currently at version 0.8, with version 1.0
appearing in the spring.


Dan Kegel wrote:
> Dennis Daniels wrote:
>> As well  PhpTest
>> http://www.resynthesize.com/code/phptest.php
>> this one has pretty good documentation and looks promising but
>> had any experience with it as yet?
> I looked far and wide, and phptest was the only good web quiz
> package anywhere.  All the others sucked, at least back in June.
> I installed phpquiz and aside from having to tweak it a bit,
> it worked well.  The developer responded well to my bugfix and
> feature requests. I highly recommend it.  Some assembly may be
> required... also, there's no way yet to do an XML import or export

> of the quizzes you develop.  That makes it a bit hard to
> carry over quizzes from one quiz program to another
> (or even from one version of phpquiz to another).
> But it's the only game in town, so go for it.
> - Dan

Douglas S. Blank,         Assistant Professor
dblank@brynmawr.edu,            (610)526-6501
Bryn Mawr College,   Computer Science Program
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