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Re: [seul-edu] quiz apps

Hi Dan!
thanks for the quick reply!

Two quick questions for you.
First were you running it on apache 2.x or 1.3x?

Second: Can you think of any reason NOT to use Apache 2.x with the app?

I ask because I've heard/read that use of Apache 2 has been slow because 
of lack of mod support for 2.x

many many thanks!

Dan Kegel wrote:

> Dennis Daniels wrote:
>> As well  PhpTest
>> http://www.resynthesize.com/code/phptest.php
>> this one has pretty good documentation and looks promising but anyone 
>> had any experience with it as yet?
> I looked far and wide, and phptest was the only good web quiz
> package anywhere.  All the others sucked, at least back in June.
> I installed phpquiz and aside from having to tweak it a bit,
> it worked well.  The developer responded well to my bugfix and
> feature requests. I highly recommend it.  Some assembly may be
> required... also, there's no way yet to do an XML import or export
> of the quizzes you develop.  That makes it a bit hard to
> carry over quizzes from one quiz program to another
> (or even from one version of phpquiz to another).
> But it's the only game in town, so go for it.
> - Dan