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Re: [seul-edu] quiz apps

Dennis Daniels wrote:
 > Dan Kegel wrote:
>> Dennis Daniels wrote:
>>> http://www.resynthesize.com/code/phptest.php
>>> this one has pretty good documentation and looks promising but anyone 
>>> had any experience with it as yet?
>> I looked far and wide, and phptest was the only good web quiz
>> package anywhere.  All the others sucked, at least back in June.
>> I installed phpquiz and aside from having to tweak it a bit,
>> it worked well.  The developer responded well to my bugfix and
>> feature requests. I highly recommend it. ...
 > ...
 > First were you running it on apache 2.x or 1.3x?


 > Second: Can you think of any reason NOT to use Apache 2.x with the app?
 > I ask because I've heard/read that use of Apache 2 has been slow because
 > of lack of mod support for 2.x

The only reason I can think of is if the particular module
you need isn't there. Apache 2.x is superior, and Red Hat 8.0
includes it instead of 1.3.x... so let's pressure our module
suppliers to support it.

php does support apache 2, I think.  I haven't tried it myself yet.
- Dan