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Linux For Kids


I was introduced to SEUL-edu by Doug Loss last week. I have been looking for a while
for educational software for children (up to 10 years old) to run on Linux. I have
been running Linux at home for a while, and I was trying to get the local elementary
school (where my wife teaches) on to Linux also. They have mostly 486 running Win3.1,
and commercial software like "Jump Start" and "Sesame street". Unfortunately, the
lack of software for Linux made this impossible. Since I couldn't find anything, I
decided to start http://www.linuxforkids.com/, so I, and hopefully others, would have
a central place to look.  (By the way, SEUL-edu never came up of the various searches
I did on the Internet, or if it did, it was when I had hundreds of links to search

I understand SEUL-edu is geared more towards a classroom environment. I would like
Linuxforkids to also appeal to parents having children at home and looking for simple
games and educational software .

There isn't much listed yet, but that's the reason I started the page in the first
place. I welcome any additions and suggestions.

I also looked at the database you are working on, and that is something that would
certainly be useful.

I am currently contributing on the kidsgames list, which just started, so hopefully
we'll get something good out of that too.