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Re: Sun "thin client" for the classroom

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Cees de Groot wrote:

> The great thing for a classroom environment is indeed that you can pull
> your smart-card, walk up to your teacher, and insert the card into his
> Sun Ray - your screen pops up, with the cursor blinking at the very same
> spot, etcetera. As long as your environment is running on the server, you
> basically can access it from every place with decent bandwidth (if you
> don't want to do video, 10Mbit does fine). 

The Smart Cards also add another layer of security (they have to have both
the card and the username and password, and account sharing runs rampant
here at UTD), which we'll probably be implementing at some point in the
future in ECS's Sun lab (that the Sun Rays are going in). Though the
technology for it is kinda scary.

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