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Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_ quiet.

Yes, you're right
Moreover, I have promised to help updating the project page, and I have
not even updated my own ProMath part !!!

To project leaders: if you would send me some information about your
project status, maybe I will finally feel so much ashamed that I will
find some time for updating this @@@ project page !!!

Yet on my side I will be (on Friday, in Dunkerque, France) talking about
edu software, interviewing Bruno (Roman Suzi ? any others ?) to tell
eduml story, emphasizing the role and importance of seul-edu in the

About ProMath : I must say, I was a little disappointed for nobody from
this list gave me any return information, about test results, or so...
Well, it'll be easier when I can implement a demo as well (have to fond
a python-running Apache server)
Yet I will release some more soon !

Hope you're all doing well !

Odile Bénassy,