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[seul-edu] version 1 of BEL

Bruno Vernier writes:
 > That is the case for me :-)  I just finished version 1 of BEL (a school 
 > library management system) which has replaced a commercial non-Y2K program.
 > It does circulation,overdues listings,returns,renewals,add/remove/modify
 > book cards, and prints barcodes for clients and books.  It is in use with a
 > 12,000 book library, 200 clients (students and teachers). I wrote it with a
 > single PHP3 script that is 30k big!  The data itself is stored in postgresql
 > and is approx 2 Megs.

Can I mention BEL to a small team here in the north of France who was
willing to develop a school library management system simplified for
first classes, with a web interface ? see

Is your software released under a GNUish license ?