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RE: [seul-edu] Kteacher

Yes, internationalization is one of the very first changes I am going to
make and will be included in the next release which should occur in about 2
weeks. Qt directly supports internationalization and makes it very easy.


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> Culp, David wrote:
> > 
> > Ok, the Kteacher homepage is up. http://www.linuxlots.com/~dwculp
> > 
> > Its got a FAQ and 4 screenshots.  Code is not up yet as Im having
> dificulty
> > getting Kdevelop to make a source distribution.  Code should be there in
> a a
> > few days.
> I took a look, Dave.  Your screen shots look nice.  You speak of XML
> data eventually.  Are you thinking of Bruno's EDUML as the data format? 
> Are you considering that your program might be of interest to users
> outside the US too?  I've been looking throught the Linux i18n Project
> website at <http://www.linuxi18n.org>, and it looks as though they have
> some good ideas about how to structure programs so that they are easily
> changed to include languages and cultures other than that of the
> original coder.  Could some of our educators from outside the US mention
> the differences between their systems (student levels, methods of
> grading, etc.) and what most of us USAans are used to?
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