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Re: [seul-edu] Kteacher

Culp, David wrote:
> Ok, the Kteacher homepage is up. http://www.linuxlots.com/~dwculp
> Its got a FAQ and 4 screenshots.  Code is not up yet as Im having dificulty
> getting Kdevelop to make a source distribution.  Code should be there in a a
> few days.

I took a look, Dave.  Your screen shots look nice.  You speak of XML
data eventually.  Are you thinking of Bruno's EDUML as the data format? 
Are you considering that your program might be of interest to users
outside the US too?  I've been looking throught the Linux i18n Project
website at <http://www.linuxi18n.org>, and it looks as though they have
some good ideas about how to structure programs so that they are easily
changed to include languages and cultures other than that of the
original coder.  Could some of our educators from outside the US mention
the differences between their systems (student levels, methods of
grading, etc.) and what most of us USAans are used to?

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