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Re: [seul-edu] Library Software

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 01:37:23PM +0200, Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY wrote:

> o How do you use zope in your classes?

My InfoTech 11/12 courses are focussed on web programming (beginner's
level). I used to provide linux accounts to all the students and then have
them create a public_html subdirectory to store their web files and programs
in their home directories.  Now I only provide linux accounts to the few
students that don't already have an email account somewhere, and I provide
zope accounts instead to store web objects (not files anymore).  In only 
one lesson every student knew how to update their webpages from
anywhere using a browser and their zope password (no need to start with a
lesson on directories and filesystems).  Next, I introduce object
orientedness with zope's properties and DTML methods.  In the past, I lost half
the class at this point in the course because things were too abstract.
Now, it seems most students are sort of getting it because of the semi-visual
interface in zope.

> o Is your library software appropriate for all libraries

I think it is a useful model, but due to my deadline and struggles with data
conversion, I have a very specific data structure which may or may not fit
other library systems... but hey this is open source and the program is small.
As I said earlier, I would like to rewrite in zope (once I master its
interface to postgresql) to make it an object oriented program... and because
ZOPE and XML go very,very well together.

> o Is your library software open source?  If so, where do
> I check it out.  We will be moving this way soonish at
> our school.

http://ess.vancouver.bc.ca/vn/library.php3  to see a non-authenticated
working version.  I accidently sent the main program to this list (blush,
that was that letter in french) and I will be packaging something together
with instructions as soon as possible.

I have since heard from Georges that a group of french teachers/programmers 
have just begun a working group using (in PERL/apache/SQL): 


to build a library system as well.  My letter in french was intended for them.