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Re: Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_ quiet.

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, Jeffrey Elkner wrote:
> Here is a quick summary of the progress we are making in the Open Book
> Project:
> We have two completed html versions of Allen Downy's wonderful
> introductory Computer Science book, "How to Think Like a Computer
> Scientist"
> http://yhspatriot.yorktown.arlington.k12.va.us/obp/thinkCS/
> and I have finished four chapters of the Python version.  I am using the
> C++ version with my AP class and the Python version with my Computer
> Science classes.  This is truly a wonderful introductory computer
> science text.  I highly encourage everyone to take a look at it.
> The really cool thing is that this whole experience confirms that the
> GPL works as well for content as it does for code.  I never could have
> put together a text book like this on my own, but with Allen's other
> books as usable source, I am capable of translating and modifying the
> book for use with Python.
I think this is wonderful!  The biggest problem is that no one else seems to
know about it.  Would you be interested in submitting messages to Freshmeat, Linux
Weekly News, and/or LinuxToday?  They'd give your work much wider visibility
and might get some offers of help.  Actually, just putting a message out on the
seul-announce mailing list will probably get it to LWN and LinuxToday.  If you're
interested in doing this send me a message privately and we'll work out a
suitable "press release."  Or just do it!

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