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[seul-edu] Re: announces on seul-announce

> I think this is wonderful!  The biggest problem is that no one else seems to
> know about it.  Would you be interested in submitting messages to Freshmeat, Linux
> Weekly News, and/or LinuxToday?  They'd give your work much wider visibility
> and might get some offers of help.  Actually, just putting a message out on the
> seul-announce mailing list will probably get it to LWN and LinuxToday.  If you're
> interested in doing this send me a message privately and we'll work out a
> suitable "press release."  Or just do it!
Well, you can't quite "just do it", because mail to seul-announce will
bounce to me rather than getting delivered to the 795 current subscribers. I
count this as a feature. :)

But you can certainly send me a draft and I'll fwd it to seul-announce.
Generally, interesting mail gets picked up by Linuxtoday and others, and
ends up in Linuxworld and perhaps a dozen other news sites. You can also
send the draft to seul-edu and ask for comments, if it's the sort of thing
that they'd be good at commenting on.

This goes for the rest of you with interesting stuff that the world should
hear about -- write up a document describing eduml, or describing what we
want to know about squeak and why, etc. and I'll get the word out.