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Re: question about Python and report Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_quiet.

Bernardo Rodrigues wrote:
> I came acroos your mail with the above title and  decided to answer to
> it with the intention of seeking help/or advices from you. I understand
> that you've been successful in getting the 10th grade pupils to grasp
> the knowledge of Python. I've been trying to motivate myself for a
> couple of months now in trying to learn that language, but haven't
> succeded.
Roman's probably better able to answer this than me, but you might take
a look at:


and at <http://www.python.org> in general.  There's also a book from
O'Reilly and Associates called, "Learning Python."  I haven't seen this
particular one, but O'Reilly books are generally very good.

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