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Re: [seul-edu] Interview for Linux Weekly News

I just found out a couple of items of not this week.  I had a discussion on the phone with
the head of a "Technology in the Classroom" division at a nearby UNiversity with a major
place in teacher training.  I found, very generally, a closed mind that kept repeating
..."what does it matter" in regards to Open Source, choice of OS and the like.  What
distressed me  most was the comment that "the kids only need to worry about what we put
before them, NOTHING else matters."

As we completed this conversation, she suggested I attend a conference in Sacramento, CA
next weekend.  The conference is sponsored by Computer-Using Educators, Inc,
<http://www.cue.org/> and they expect to have 200+ software vendors present.  I gently
asked for a vendor list and was politely refused.

I was thinking that there may be someone in the region who might be able to attend, (the
$135 fee is a bit steep with our budget) or try in another way to obtain information
regarding this large number of software vendors.

Just a thought.

Doug Loss wrote:

> SNIP >>>>>>>
> I'd also like to ask all of you to keep your eyes open for educational
> programs.  One of the things we want to do in this weekly report is to mention all the
> new programs we've found with educational potential.  We'll credit whoever brings
> them to our attention, of course.
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