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[seul-edu] Interview for Linux Weekly News

Last evening Roman Kirsanow, Roger Dingledine (a little) and I were interviewed
by Liz Coolbaugh for a piece in Linux Weekly News about Linux in education and
about seul-edu in particular.  We hit on a lot of topics (some of which will
undoubtedly not make it into the finished interview).  I got in mentions of EDUML,
LENPP, the educational HOWTOs, K12Admin, and OpenClassroom.  Jose Lacal was going
to join us, but he had to be away on business and couldn't make it.  Roman and
I also talked a little about commercial port advocacy, the kidgames project,
MetaCard and Squeak.  Roman mentioned that some commercial software may see Linux
versions pretty soon.

But probably most important for us here is that Liz wants a weekly (or possibly
every other week if we can't find enough to mention every week) report from us
on Linux in education.  She wants to put up something similar to their KDE and
GNOME regular reports.  That means that we'll have to have things to _say_ to the
world every week.

For that reason, Odile and I (and this comes as a surprise to you, Odile, I
know) will have to get more regular reports from the subproject leaders on what
you're doing.  We'll also add some of the projects that are definitely part of the
seul-edu family but that haven't made it to our projects page due to our sloth,
such as KTeacher.

I'd also like to ask all of you to keep your eyes open for educational
programs.  One of the things we want to do in this weekly report is to mention all the
new programs we've found with educational potential.  We'll credit whoever brings
them to our attention, of course.

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