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Re: [seul-edu] X-Terminals - Opinions sought

On Sat, Oct 23, 1999 at 10:14:08AM -0400, Pete St. Onge wrote:
> This is sort of off-topic, but here goes:

Not at all off topic.

> I know of a school having a roomful of P100 and P133 boxes with bootable
> nics. These machines would boot into Win3.1, and all apps would run
> locally (in local memory space).

P100s should be powerful enough to run Linux apps locally, with enough
memory (32-64Mb).  If the hardware is fairly homogeneous then it would
probably be easier than the application servers, as well as cheaper.

A P100 is way overpowered as just an X terminal.  I imagine they'd
run Windows 95 just fine, even -- though, of course, NT is a bit of
a stretch (as might be Windows 98).

If they're already running as diskless workstations, keeping them
as such should be effective.  Linux workstations just makes them
more multiuser and powerful.  Network speeds are probably just fine
for shared drives long into the future (that might not be the case 
with doing all of X over the network, but I don't know).

  -- Ian