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Re: [seul-edu] X-Terminals - Opinions sought

>P100s should be powerful enough to run Linux apps locally, with enough
>memory (32-64Mb).  If the hardware is fairly homogeneous then it would
>probably be easier than the application servers, as well as cheaper.
They are more than powerful enough--our primary web server is a 486/100
with 32 MB RAM, and it's handled pretty much any linux app we care to run.
>A P100 is way overpowered as just an X terminal.  I imagine they'd
>run Windows 95 just fine, even -- though, of course, NT is a bit of
>a stretch (as might be Windows 98).
Yes, Win '95 can be run quite comfortably on a P100, as we're running a P90
under Win '95 (essentially because the people behind "Meeting Maker" (the
software the school is using as a scheduler) will not release even a binary
for Linux).

Michael Viron
Project Coordinator
SEUL-EDU Web Development