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[seul-edu] [OT] Sad Linux news from UWF

During the last part of 1999 or early in 2000, the University of West
Florida Information Technology Services (ITS) department will switch out
the very last limited-service Linux box (for the general UWF community).
At that point, Web Spinners will be, for the most part, the only
organization on campus running full service linux boxes.

The funny part is that both ITS and the Computer Science departments have
full-time system administrators for their servers, and yet they can't keep
them up longer than Web Spinners, who has 3 volunteers that handle system
administration as the need arises?

Web.uwf.edu (the one that will be replaced) has been up 10 days, 17:14.

hermitcrab (the CS department's main server) has been up 5 days, 2:02

most of the cslab machines have been up around 10 days, 15 hours.

wsdo, on the other hand (the primary server for Web Spinners) has been up
for the last 23 days, 19:36, almost a full two weeks longer than almost any
other unix machine on campus (the UWF Cognition Institute might have a
comparable uptime).