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Re: [seul-edu] Win Xterminals?

Given the poor quality of MI/X and the lack of reasonably priced X servers
for Windows systems, I almost wonder if it would be worth the effort to
port one of the Xfree86 servers to Windows, without the hardware
acceleration just a flat server...

Q.A13- How about a MS-DOS or MS-Windows port?

There is some work being done to create a free port of XFree86 to
Microsoft Windows. However, in the mean time, if you need to run X on such
a platform you'll need to use one of the available commercial servers. 

One of the commercial products, X Appeal, is from an XFree86 sponsor and
is a port of the XFree86 servers to MS-DOS. They also have a freely
available demo version. 

... that seems a big vague to me about the future of X on Windows systems.

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