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Re: [seul-edu] Web Based Spell Checker

Hi Jeff,

I checked CPAN -- I didn't find anything -- I checked
the following categories -- String Language Text
Processing, User Interfaces, World Wide Web, 
Language Extensions, Language Interfaces, Miscellaneous,
and International Locale.

The closest thing I found was:
Search::Dict - Search a dictionary ordered text file 

As far as an interface goes -- I think the nicest would
be if the TextArea could display the hightlighted word 
-- but that might be dangerous if it accidentally sent
this to the server.  So perhaps just a window that opens
and hightlights (or uses a different color) for
mispelled words is enough.  

An interface that suggests new spellings would be ideal!
However, I would worry that that would make the program
a lot more complicated.

It doesn't need to be very fancy people will only use
this program several times a year -- however -- quite
intensly and it has to be easy to use and can't make
mistakes -- otherwise we might as well stick with the
commercial stuff that is confusing the hell out of the
teachers here!  

I suppose a web based spell checker might be useful for
other people and projects too.  

Thanks for your offer and advice.  


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