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Re: [seul-edu] Web Based Spell Checker

Yes, that was my inspiration that this project is
possible, but I don't know php and I don't think it will
be easy to find the spelling section of the imp (at
least for me). But if you could extract it as a separate
script for me I would use that - I know taht it works. 
It would be a little better if I don't need to use
javascript though.  Many of our computers are older macs
and they are quite slow when using IMP.  I was hoping to
have the server do most of the work and avoid things
like javascript if possible.  But maybe we need to
listen to the faculty and buy them new computers.  (I'm
starting to get tired of their complaints anyway).  I am
more comfortable using perl -- but that is only because
I already use it and kind of understand it -- but
learning php interests me so maybe it would be good for
me to use php.

Thanks for your input and hopefully help.


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