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[seul-edu] Our own IRC server

This has been mentioned before, but I think it bears repeating.  We have
an IRC server set up for SEUL, at cran.seul.org:7776.  There are
currently only two channels being used, #seul regularly and #seul-edu
occasionally.  I've never seen more that maybe 5 people on the system
simultaneously, and from seul-edu specifically only Roman and I are
there with any frequency.  (Roger and Pete, I know you're on seul-edu
too, but you guys are more from SEUL generally than from seul-edu

Please don't pass this server's name and port number around, as we don't
particularly want to be overrun by non-SEUL discussions.  But _do_ try
to log on and join in the discussions!  They're always friendly and
usually coherent.

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