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Re: [seul-edu] Red Escolar?

>So far as I know, Arturo Espinosa Aldama left Red Escolar to take a job
>with Helix.  I think Miguel Ibarra is still with Red Escolar, but I'm not
>sure about that .  Alejandro, do you know anything about this that you >could tell us?

We haven't received any news from RedEscolar Linux for a while. We are subscribed to their mailing list news, and there are no new messages after some months. There are no recent news on their web site, either.

Anyway, we are still working on implementing Linux (as server AND desktop workstation) for 140 schools in our province, Zacatecas. Our school has already trained more than 100 teachers of elementary and secondary schools in the use of Linux, and we expect to begin the training of technical staff in local RedEscolar, to begin the deployment of the operating system (namely, SuSE Linux 6.4) and a lot of apps (KDE and others DE/WM, WordPerfect, StarOffice or KOffice, Gimp, XPaint, Communicator, etc. etc.) soon. We plan to teach how to create multimedia apps for Linux in the first quarter of next year, to let the teachers be able to share all of their pedagogical experience via free programs.

Hey! Implantation of Linux in mexican schools is alive! Maybe the folks of RedEscolar Linux are just reorganizing...

Alejandro Diaz Infante
Escuela Normal "Manuel Ávila Camacho" (ENMAC)
Zacatecas, México.

P.D. Sorry about the written English mistakes... at least is understandable, right?

Te va Linux? :)
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