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Re: [seul-edu] Red Escolar?

Ray Olszewski wrote:

> I checked the Web site about a month ago. While it seemed to be quite
> active, nice looking, and up to date, it no longer had any English
> translations that I could find. Natural enough, but inconvenient for those
> of us who (pretty much) speak only English.
> At 01:24 AM 10/3/00 -0400, karl wrote:
> >
> >Has anyone heard anything new about the Red Escolar project lately?
> >
> >I recall there being some news about Red Escolar on this list, in the
> >past, and was just wondering how things were going.

So far as I know, Arturo Espinosa Aldama left Red Escolar to take a job with
Helix.  I think Miguel Ibarra is still with Red Escolar, but I'm not sure
about that .  Alejandro, do you know anything about this that you could tell

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