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Re: [seul-edu] Red Escolar?

I have written to the Guadalajara contact but the mails come back.
Also I wrote to Arturo and he hasn't replied either. No news except for
my personal visit.

In August, I visited Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. While I was there
I visited the "Red Escolar" in Guadalajara to see first hand their use
of Linux in the Mexican schools. My visit started at one of their
administrative offices, and was invited to return to visit a grade
school. This was in a "humble" industrial neighborhood of Guadalajara,
they were running Linux as a maill server, providing internet
connections to other PC's running Linux and Windows. Their internet
connection  was via dial-up as they still don't have the infrastructure
for ethernet.

Some of the problems as they explained to me was the HP hardware was not
compatible with the version of Linux they were running, also getting
software to run.  A big problem was getting knowledgable people. In this
school of 900 students the "syssops" was a computer instructor who had
been given the responsibility for running the Linux box, no training, no
manuals, yet he on his own has trained himself to use it, and was very
proud to show me how he finally was able to send and receive email.

Ray Olszewski wrote:
> I checked the Web site about a month ago. While it seemed to be quite
> active, nice looking, and up to date, it no longer had any English
> translations that I could find. Natural enough, but inconvenient for those
> of us who (pretty much) speak only English.
> Perhaps someone with bilingual fluency can give us an update?
> At 01:24 AM 10/3/00 -0400, karl wrote:
> >
> >Has anyone heard anything new about the Red Escolar project lately?
> >
> >I recall there being some news about Red Escolar on this list, in the
> >past, and was just wondering how things were going.
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