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[seul-edu] [Fwd: from this week's lwn]

Roger R Dingledine wrote:

> Open Source in Education
> Intuitive Networks (WASHINGTON), a subsidiary of The George Washington University, introduced Prometheus, open source online
> learning software. Prometheus is now or soon will be in use at many universities around North America including:
>                                   Columbia Business School in New York City.
>                                   Rochester Institute of Technology.
>                                   University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.
>                                   The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

You  can see Prometheus at <http://prometheus.com/index.html>.  It is evidently intended for university use.  On the website (and in
Linux Weekly News) they mention that Prometheus is Open Source, but they never talk about licenses, never give a download site that
I could find, and talk somewhat about "licensing" the software.  So I'm unclear about just what the status of Prometheus is.  I'm
not persuaded that it's free software yet.

> MIT Sloan School of Management will be using the open-source ArsDigita Community System for its online course management
> application.

You can see ArsDigita at <http://www.arsdigita.com/>.  ArsDigita is downloadable (binaries for Solaris, W2K, and Win32 only, source
for others), but seems to require an Oracle 8i RDBMS to run.  It seems to be aimed mostly at businesses.  I think Sloan is probably
trying to bend it to fit their needs.

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