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[seul-edu] New (?) educational apps--various

I've been avoiding work by cruising around looking for educational
Linux apps.  Here's what I've found (if I've already mentioned any
of these before, I apologize):

CxIV is a CGI (Web) Based Discussion System tailored for Education
(with built in grading).


Event Calendar is an online event calendar, originally developed for
use by an educational institution, based on PHP and PostgreSQL, and
supporting SSL.

LEAP is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). It is used
as an educational tool around the world to help students, and assist
researchers and teachers as they study and teach databases.

PHPHomework lets users login and get their new homework, teachers
can post new homework, and the admin add new subjects, users, and

Quiz Me! is a simple CGI/PERL application that allows one to give
quizzes over the Web.

Active Guardian is a Linux based caching proxy filter.  AG was
designed to be used in a school or library to limit user access to
questionable sites.

BJS is Web-based management software for the German Federal Youth
Games, a Germany-wide sports competition for schools.

Reunion Address DataBase (RADB) is a CGI-Script written in Perl. It
helps you to manage an address database for the organization of a
reunion for your school, society, club or family.

WPM (Web-based Proxy Manager) allows you to use a web browser to
configure which machines you provide Proxy access to from within a
LAN. This is especially useful for schools or similar installations,
with a large number of machines and limited bandwith.

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