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[seul-edu] IP routing hints??

Hello gang,

This isn't Linux specific, but indirectly gets to one of my linux
machines.  Just wondering if anyone has thoughts to share with me.... as
once again, I'm out of ideas to try.

We've just set up two ISDN lines for our internet.  No other options at
the moment.  We manage the connection with an Ascend Superpipe 95.
We're on the internet just fine (as witnessed by this email!).  However,
I'm trying to see if I can get outside packets routed to specific
machines (like a web server - the linux connection).  My
firewall/masqurading machine that is connected to the Superpipe is while my Superpipe is  Obviously they see each
other or I wouldn't be able to connect from the inside network.  This is
also witnessed by my ability to ping the Superpipe from inside the
network.  However, when I log on to the Superpipe, even though it
receives information from the inside network, can not ping
The routing table says that it's sending everything on the 192.168.1
subnet to the ethernet interface of the Superpipe... but no response.  A
traceroute seems to respond fine.  Anyone have any experience with this
kind of equipment or any other suggestions on the routing table?

This has been an on/off three week adventure for me.  Just wondering if
I can get set in a new direction for answers.  Thanks

Ryan Booz
Belleville Mennonite School
Tech Coordinator