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RE: [seul-edu] Useful article for our documentation writers

One is being worked on <www.conglomerate.org>.  I don't think it is quite ready
yet for primetime, but take a look.  Here's what the website
<http://www.conglomerate.org/download.html> states:

"The conglomerate code base is rather unfinished, and the code that does exist
is ripe for rewriting. However, to let you play with the editor part, and get a
feel for how things work in general, we've packaged up some test code. For
instance, the whole editing window code is an ugly hack, and is going to be
rewritten, based on GnomeCanvas.

Still unafraid? Source code for UN*X and Windows are available on the FTP
server. Remember that you need Fluxlib 0.2.8 installed to build this. If you're
truly interested in looking at and working with the code, though, we recommend
you join the mailing lists. 

The code we just released is reasonably stable, but if you do find a bug, tell
us. It might be that the bug actually is in some of the code we don't plan to
rewrite, and then we'd like to know about it. 

Also, conglomerate makes heavy use of the Flux library, also developed by us,
which you actually can download. It includes lots of neat code for XML parsing,
network serializable object structures, and tons more. If you want to run the
current Conglomerate code base, you need the 0.2.8 branch. The 0.3.0 branch,
which is in prerelease, actually has much better functionality for what
conglomerate needs to do, which is one of the reasons we're rewriting
conglomerate internals." 

I have also read that Corel's WordPerfect can deal with DocBook, but I have
never tried this so I can't make any promises.  Plus you have to pay for it :(

LyX can produce DocBook (or at least LinuxDoc) docs.

I hope this helps (some anyway).

I personally, just like to do it by hand.  I don't find it harder than (HTML --
except that I have to look up the tags more often because there are more of

Bill Tihen

Quoting Chris Hedemark <hedemark@bops.com>:

> The description is misleading.  You've got to be an SGML programmer to
> do
> this.  What is desperately needed is a WYSIWYG doc tool so
> non-programmers
> (like myself) can contribute to projects in other ways.
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> >From LinuxToday:
> http://www-4.ibm.com/software/developer/library/l-docbk.html?dwzone=linux?op
> en&l=335,t=gr,p=docbooks
> >From the article: This article explains what DocBook is and how to
> create a simple document using DocBook.
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