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[seul-edu] Graphical DocBook editors

I am also looking at another promising tool from IBM, but it doesn't seem to be


Bill Tihen

Quoting Bill Tihen -- Information Technology <bill@mail.tasis.ch>:

> One is being worked on <www.conglomerate.org>.  I don't think it is
> quite ready
> yet for primetime, but take a look.  Here's what the website
> <http://www.conglomerate.org/download.html> states:
> "The conglomerate code base is rather unfinished, and the code that does
> exist
> is ripe for rewriting. However, to let you play with the editor part,
> and get a
> feel for how things work in general, we've packaged up some test code.
> For
> instance, the whole editing window code is an ugly hack, and is going to
> be
> rewritten, based on GnomeCanvas.
> Still unafraid? Source code for UN*X and Windows are available on the
> server. Remember that you need Fluxlib 0.2.8 installed to build this. If
> you're
> truly interested in looking at and working with the code, though, we
> recommend
> you join the mailing lists. 
> The code we just released is reasonably stable, but if you do find a
> bug, tell
> us. It might be that the bug actually is in some of the code we don't
> plan to
> rewrite, and then we'd like to know about it. 
> Also, conglomerate makes heavy use of the Flux library, also developed
> by us,
> which you actually can download. It includes lots of neat code for XML
> parsing,
> network serializable object structures, and tons more. If you want to
> run the
> current Conglomerate code base, you need the 0.2.8 branch. The 0.3.0
> branch,
> which is in prerelease, actually has much better functionality for what
> conglomerate needs to do, which is one of the reasons we're rewriting
> conglomerate internals." 
> I have also read that Corel's WordPerfect can deal with DocBook, but I
> have
> never tried this so I can't make any promises.  Plus you have to pay for
> it :(
> LyX can produce DocBook (or at least LinuxDoc) docs.
> I hope this helps (some anyway).
> I personally, just like to do it by hand.  I don't find it harder than
> (HTML --
> except that I have to look up the tags more often because there are more
> of
> them).
> Bill Tihen