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[seul-edu] Any movement on the FAQs?

Have any of you folks who I autocratically drafted into compiling
Q&As for the FAQ from our email archive had a chance to work on
those compilations?  I'd like to see how things are working.  If
you're not going to be able to do this (after all, I just picked
some names of people involved in each discussion off the mailing
list), let me know privately and I'll be happy to try to shanghai
someone else into doing the work.  And now that I've made it sound
so appealing, I'd _really_ appreciate it if someone (or someones)
would volunteer to go through the email archives a month at a time
and develop a list of threads that could be compiled into such
Q&As.  It really shouldn't be very time-consuming, especially if a
few people share the effort.  Again, contact me either through this
list or privately.

Doug Loss                 God is a comedian playing
Data Network Coordinator  to an audience too afraid
Bloomsburg University     to laugh.
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