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[seul-edu] Linuxmeeting in Italy: Linux at school

Hi teachers!
I'm Francesca Campora an italian teacher for children  (elementary school, grundschule) My LUG is ERlug Emilia Romagna Linux Users Group http://erlug.linux.it
On 28-29 October in Bologna Italy will be a Linuxmeeting www.linuxmeeting.net
I will speak about Linux at elementary school and a colleague of mine about Linux in secundary school. All the documents u'll find in 10 days at the before mentioned url.
I'd be glad to meet other european teachers or exchange opinion about linux with children with teachers all over the world. 
I'd be glad to invite u to in Bologna to take part to our linux meeting.
with best regards
Francesca Campora

irc :irc.fun.uni.net port:4040 #Linux-IT ABn0rmal 

****with best regards****

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