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Re: [seul-edu] Linuxmeeting in Italy: Linux at school

Hi Francesca, 

How far is your meeting from Milan?  I might ask my assistant to attend if the
distance is reasonable.  Do you have a list of workshops and discussions?



Quoting Francesca Abnormal <abnormal@firstlinux.net>:

> Hi teachers!
> I'm Francesca Campora an italian teacher for children  (elementary
> school, grundschule) My LUG is ERlug Emilia Romagna Linux Users Group
> http://erlug.linux.it
> On 28-29 October in Bologna Italy will be a Linuxmeeting
> www.linuxmeeting.net
> I will speak about Linux at elementary school and a colleague of mine
> about Linux in secundary school. All the documents u'll find in 10 days
> at the before mentioned url.
> I'd be glad to meet other european teachers or exchange opinion about
> linux with children with teachers all over the world. 
> I'd be glad to invite u to in Bologna to take part to our linux meeting.
> with best regards
> Francesca Campora
> fcampora@erlug.linux.it
> irc :irc.fun.uni.net port:4040 #Linux-IT ABn0rmal 
> ==
> ****with best regards****
> ***www.linuxmeeting.net**
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