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[seul-edu] Student Information Standard

Ok, I was working on something when this random though popped into my head.
I don't really know where it came from but after thinking it seemed to make
some sense.

Right now there are many different types of student management systems out
there. Some are complex (AUC and K-12 Admin) while other are simpler
(Ggrader.) But all of these share the same basic type of information. What
if we could develop a standard format for exchanging all this between

By doing this, we would allow teachers the freedom to choose whichever
program that prefer while still maintaining compatibility with the rest of
the school, district, or community. Imagine if a teacher could enter
something into her Gnome lesson plan book and it would then send that data
to the AUC server to be included on the web page.

At this time I see no named body "governing" OSS standards in educational
environments. This might be a good place for SEUL/edu. We can't force a
programmer to do anything. What we can do is say "Here is a standard we
propose. If you want to match the community please support it."

Thoughts, comments, flames?

Jason Mellen