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Re: [seul-edu] Student Information Standard

Jason Mellen wrote:
> Ok, I was working on something when this random though popped into my head.
> I don't really know where it came from but after thinking it seemed to make
> some sense.
> Right now there are many different types of student management systems out
> there. Some are complex (AUC and K-12 Admin) while other are simpler
> (Ggrader.) But all of these share the same basic type of information. What
> if we could develop a standard format for exchanging all this between
> programs.

The problem would not be defining a standard, the problem would enticing
everyone to follow it. As long as the data matched a database
specification (and that could be MySQL, PostGresQL, etc.), then it's

Good luck doing it.

> By doing this, we would allow teachers the freedom to choose whichever
> program that prefer while still maintaining compatibility with the rest of
> the school, district, or community. Imagine if a teacher could enter
> something into her Gnome lesson plan book and it would then send that data
> to the AUC server to be included on the web page.
> At this time I see no named body "governing" OSS standards in educational
> environments. This might be a good place for SEUL/edu. We can't force a
> programmer to do anything. What we can do is say "Here is a standard we
> propose. If you want to match the community please support it."


David A. Bandel
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