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Re: [seul-edu] Student Information Standard

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Odile [iso-8859-1] Bénassy wrote:

> How many people are interested in this topic on the list ?

I'm interested as well.  AUC currently runs out of a MySQL
database.  However, it uses XML for certain more static data storage as
well as the config file.  I'm using libxml for the parsing.  Thus, adding
EduML support would not be difficult.

Agreeing with Steve Tonnesen, my main questions revolve around the
interoperability issues.  For AUC, I see two possibilities for EduML:

1) AUC could be set up to do automatic periodic "imports" from some EduML
source (i.e. it would grab EduML data and convert any new student accounts
into the necessary AUC database entries).  What would this EduML
"source" look like?   Would it be a server, or just a file?  Who's
responsibility is it to update this file?

2) AUC could just have a form somewhere entitled "Import EduML File".  The
administrator could specify a EduML file that would get parsed, and any
contents would be added to AUC's database structure.

I guess I'm basically wondering whether EduML usage was envisioned to be a
"push" or a "pull" type of operation?

Lastly, should AUC be able to export it's own database contents as an
EduML file?



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