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Re: [seul-edu] Student Information Standard (EduML)

Tonnesen Steve wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Odile [iso-8859-1] Bénassy wrote:

> > How many people are interested in this topic on the list ?
> I'm interested.  I've looked into using EduML with K12Admin in the past.
> My question is how do you sync data up between applications.  If your
> school management software exports an EduML file with all the students in
> Mr. Jones Grade 11 Math class, and Mr. Jones uses his EduML-aware
> gradebook program to enter marks for his midterm exam, how does that data
> get imported back into the school administration software?  When does it
> get imported back in?  How are conflicts handled?  How are permissions
> handled?  What if Mr. Smith tries to import marks for Mr. Jones' Grade 11
> Math class by mistake?  I guess these kinds of permissions could be
> handled by the school administration software exclusively?

This is a general issue for any data management system, see what
policies SGDBs implement, then you would either try to do the same, or
use SGDBs : store your XML in a data base whenever you need

Bruno, you, our "veilleur technologique", do you have ideas of places on
the web to find information about what people usually do when they get
into these problems ?
Well, Bruno is a Zope afficionado, Zope has its object database, and a
very good permissions system...
> Steve Tonnesen

Odile Bénassy